Supercharge your professional network in 3 months

Kick-start a fun approach to networking

Don’t let the ‘work’ in network put you off — it doesn’t have to be a chore or another thing on the to-do list (what a way to conjure up dread).

Net-work, work, work, work, work, work (ok they aren’t the EXACT lyrics)

How do I network?

Short answer: however works for you. (That not helpful? Keep reading for access to a free networking guide — you’re welcome).

I definitely don’t think of it as walking into a big room full of people I don’t know trying to make polite conversation and swapping business cards…That’s HELL.

I think of it as making authentic connections with people I meet through work. People I like. Work friends. Easy connection and conversation with people I have things in common with.

It’s chatting, meeting up sometimes, helping where I can, and asking for help if I need it.

So why do it?

  1. It builds your confidence

2. It gives you a broader perspective beyond your own organisation or set of projects

3. It’s energising and can spark ideas

4. It’s nice to help people

5. It unlocks opportunities

6. You get to connect with interesting people

7. Because it’s worth doing — and in this disconnected world that we find ourselves in today, it’s more worth it than ever

Where to start?

  • People you know and like who you’ve met through work and who can help you e.g. old bosses and former colleagues.
  • People who are where you want to be e.g. people doing something similar but a few years ahead who have experienced things you’re experiencing, made mistakes, and had success.
  • People who you enjoy hanging out with and who are at the same stage as you (more or less) and who get it.

And remember: networking was around long before the internet! Even Cleopatra was known for her networking skills and straw polls (and admittedly a network of spies which we don’t recommend…) — so don’t feel constrained to the keyboard! Do whatever works for you.

Not sure what works for you yet? To help you get into the networking rhythm, we’ve created a fun quiz inspired by pioneers like Cleopatra which both reveals your historical twin AND unlocks our popular FREE Spring Networking Planner. Click here to unleash your networking potential on the world 👏

What’s not to love? Not networking, that’s for sure.



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