Supercharge your professional network in 3 months

Net-work, work, work, work, work, work (ok they aren’t the EXACT lyrics)

How do I network?

So why do it?

  1. It builds your confidence

Where to start?

  • People you know and like who you’ve met through work and who can help you e.g. old bosses and former colleagues.
  • People who are where you want to be e.g. people doing something similar but a few years ahead who have experienced things you’re experiencing, made mistakes, and had success.
  • People who you enjoy hanging out with and who are at the same stage as you (more or less) and who get it.

Not sure what works for you yet? To help you get into the networking rhythm, we’ve created a fun quiz inspired by pioneers like Cleopatra which both reveals your historical twin AND unlocks our popular FREE Spring Networking Planner. Click here to unleash your networking potential on the world 👏




Enthusiastic seeker of solutions to difficult problems

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Catherine Davies

Catherine Davies

Enthusiastic seeker of solutions to difficult problems

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